eCommerce in Alicante: forecasts for the 2015

07 August eCommerce in Alicante: forecasts for the 2015

The good news for the entrepreneurs of Alicante, Murcia and the Valencian Community. As we detailed in the following entrance of our blog, the forecasts of growth of the commerce online or eCommerce give new exits to the companies that wish to open new markets in these times. If you are businessman of Alicante, Murcia or the rest of the Valencian Community and you were thinking about starting up a store online to commercialize your products, perhaps interests the following thing to you.

According to the last report of Evolution and Perspective eCommerce for the 2015 of the Observatory eCommerce, more of 80% of eCommerce looks the future with optimism, since they hope to grow throughout 2015 and anticipates to increase its sales more of a 10% (44%) against a 37% that wait for major sale but with that ten percent as final limit. Therefore, the electronic commerce is becoming a clear bet on the part of many companies that begin to professionalize their presence in Internet to sell.

The 12 million internauts who already realise purchases by Internet in Spain are a faithful reflection of the sector, its evolution and, mainly, how the users every time trust more this channel. The test is in the increasing number of great brands that are sent to sell online.

Obvious, when a company decides to undertake to sell online has doubts and fears, but for that we are the agencies specialized in Design Web & Digital Marketing, to advise and to orient. We must of being able to make see our clients who if they are going to invest 10 in a complete plan of eCommerce, development and design of the store online, action of marketing in finders of SEM payment, search engine optimization SEO, social average€¦, we can do a photography to him of the future immediate of his investment, and that those 10 will become 15 or 20.

That opportunity is the one that we have been wanting for seeing our clients, mainly when deserts not to hear that the demand of commerce online in Spain is superior to the supply. With a critical mass of 12 million buying potentials, we have the niche for a winning bet

Later to develop a good number of stores online that they have reported and they are reporting benefits to our clients, now is the turn to advise to them in other routes to harness that line of business, only to perhaps put itself in head against the competition, or perhaps to take advantage of the great increase of users who use Internet in the mobile, the case is that now the following question is called on to consider why not to sell online through mobile phone?