Winning Prizes Web Alicante by second consecutive year

prizes Web Alicante 2016

21 Nov Winning Prizes Web Alicante by second consecutive year

By second consecutive year, ZxGoldenYears Communication has been awarded in a new edition of the Prizes Web of, eighth already. Our work for Busot Tourism has been awarded as the Best Institutional Web in the finery that took place Thursday 17 of November in the Palace of Congresses of the School of Doctors of Alicante.

In this edition of the Prizes Web two of our works was finalists: on the one hand, the store online that we designed for a company with wall-plate in Alicante, Pastor Decoraciones, competed by the prize to the Best Web of Company. And on the other, our proposal for Busot Tourism competed in the category of Better Institutional Web, and that was the one that finally took the prize.

The finery was lead by magician Luis Boyano, met by its participation in the program of the 1 €˜Defies your mind€™, before more than 500 assistants, and in her they met representing of the world of the new technologies, design Web and Internet, official personalities of the personalities of the public institutions and organizations, of companies and unions, the world of the culture and social organizations and of the sport.

The mayor of Busot, Alejandro Morant, and the edile of Tourism and Youth of the locality, Vicente Ivorra, was the ones in charge to pick up the prize of hands of the mayor of Alicante, Gabriel Ech¡varri, and in his brief speech she was thankful for the magnificent work to us that we had realised.

We cannot more than to as much thank to Pastor Decoraciones as to the City council of Busot for the deposited confidence in us to realise his projects, as well as to the rest of our clients who trust ZxGoldenYears to have a presence of quality in Internet.

ZxGoldenYears Communication already counts on three prizes

In addition, she has been finalist in the following contests:

In ZxGoldenYears we continued working and improving to offer the best solutions of design Web and marketing online to our clients.